How to Setup Norman Blinds for Online Order Processing

How to Setup Norman Blinds for Online Order Processing


This article explains how to setup Norman Blinds for Online Order Processing in Solatech Window Covering Software.

NOTE:  This applies to SWCS version 4.2.456 and higher.

More Information

Only the following Norman products can be processed electronically.

  • NOR - Bellevue Shades
  • NOR - Normandy Premium Wood Blinds
  • NOR - Performance Essentials Faux Wood
  • NOR - Performance Premium Faux Wood
  • NOR - Soluna Roller Shades

Setup Instructions

Create a new Norman Vendor

In order to process these Norman products via Online order processing, you must first create a separate vendor to be used for the products listed above

NOTE: If you have already been sending blind order electronically to Norman, then this vendor has been setup previously.  Proceed to Modify the Norman Blind Products section below.

  • From within Solatech, go to View>Vendors
  • Use the drop down menu to the right of Vendors in the upper left hand corner of the window, and select "New" and "Create a new vendor manually"
  • On the New Vendor window, enter the name "Norman Blinds"  (phone and address information is optional, and will not effect the processing of your orders)
  • Switch to the Additional tab
  • In the Billing Section, enter your account number with Norman Window Fashions
  • In the Online Order Process section, enter the Vendor ID:  NOR01
  • Place a check mark next to Process purchase orders electronically
  • Press "Save and Close"

Modify the Norman Blind Products

  • Go to Products>Product Manager
  • Using the filter in the left hand column of Product Manager, select by Manufacturer
  • Select Norman Window Fashions
  • Look for the NOR - Normandy Premium Wood Blinds product
  • Double click on the product name to open the Product Properties window
  • Using the drop down menu beside of Vendor, select the Norman Blinds Vendor you created in step one

NOTE: If you have been sending Norman blind orders previously, make a note of the vendor being used for this product.  You will then only need to modify the products listed as NEW above

  • Switch to the Vendors Tab
  • Using the drop down menu under Vendor, select the new Norman Blinds Vendor
  • Press OK to save your changes

  • Repeat the process for all of the Norman Blind products listed above

NOTE: Only orders created from the date you perform these steps will appear in the Online Order Processing queue.

Applies To

  • SWCS 4.2