How to show payment details on Process Reports

How to show payment details on Process Reports


This article will describe how to enable payment details (i.e. a Receipt details) for Order Confirmations, Invoices and/or Installer forms. A duplicate process report showing only Payment details can also be created to be used as a separate Receipt report.

Note:  This feature is available for versions and higher.


  • From within SalesPRO, go to Setup and select Process Reports.
  • On the Process Reports window, select a process report to modify.
  • You may double click on the report name, or click once and hit the modify button.
  • Select the Totals tab.
  • Place a check mark next to Show payment details.
  • Click OK to exit and save your change.
  • Repeat with other process reports as needed.


Applies To:

  • SalesPRO Software