How to show the correct installation address for customers with multiple locations

How to show the correct installation address for customers with multiple locations


The customer shipping section in SalesPRO software gives you the ability to have multiple location addresses, each of which has a designated label.  In order to show the correct customer shipping address (order installation address) a bit of modification may be needed on process reports.  This article will provide instructions on making that modification.


  • From within the SalesPRO software, go to the Setup tab.
  • On the Setup tab, select the Process Reports icon.

  • Locate the report to be modified, then double click to open the Modify Report Layout window.
  • Select the Addressing tab.
  • You have the option of showing only one address, or showing two (Address 1 and Address 2 tabs).  Typically, if showing two addresses, Address one is billing and Address 2 is shipping. For this example, we'll use only Address 1.
  • Using the drop down menu under Address to display, change to Installation.

  • Press OK to exit and save your changes.
  • Repeat for any other repots that need to be changed.

How to use use the new report

  • By default, your report will now reflect whatever Shipping (Installation) Address is entered as the default in the customer record.
  • If you wish to change the Installation Address for a particular quote or sale,  go to the Installation/Other tab in Order Entry.
  • Click on the Select Alternate Hyperlink. (NOTE:  This hyperlink will not be available until the Q/S/O has been saved at least once.)
  • Click on the correct Address.
  • Press OK.
  • Save the Quote/Sale or Order.

Your Process Report will now show the selected installation address.

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Applies to:

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