How to use the Replace feature in Solatech Focus

How to use the Replace feature in Solatech Focus

How to use the Replace feature in Solatech Focus


Solatech Focus users have the ability to replace products and/or options quickly on an existing quote or sale.  This knowledge base article provides instructions on how to use this feature. 


  1. Begin with an open Quote or Sale
    Helpful hint:  duplicate your original quote prior to beginning the replace if you wish to give the customer multiple quote options. 
  2. Expand the LineItems section
  3. Click the Replace button (it is not necessary to highlight a line)

  4. On the Line Item Replace screen, select the line items you wish to change by checking the boxes to the left of each line
  5. If you wish to change all lines, check the top box to select all 
  6. Click the Next button to continue

  7. The product and style selected by default will be the first selected product in the list
  8. Select your new Product Type, Vendor, Product and Style as normal
  9. To change only Product and Style, click the Next button to begin processing your changes
  10. To change options as well, place a check mark in the Change Options also box.

  11. Select the options to be changed, then click the Next button
  12. Select OK on the pop up box, asking if you wish to replace selected line items. If Cancel is selected, you will return to the Line Item Replace selection page
  13. While the system is processing your changes, you can continue to use the system. 
  14. You will not, however, be able to make any changes which affect pricing while the quote is processing.

  15. When the selected items are ready to be reviewed,you will be notified by a bar at the top of the Quote Review screen
  16. Click View Process to review the changes
  17. Click Cancel to cancel the replacement

  18.  Clicking View Process takes you to Line Item Replace screen
  19. You can expand each line item to see details

  20. If Cancel is pressed, you will be asked to confirm the cancellation on a pop-up window
  21. Once Cancel is confirmed, you return to the Quote Review screen.  No changes have been made to the original quote. 
  22. If Apply Changes is pressed, you will be asked to confirm the replace on a pop-up.  If Replace is confirmed, your changes will be final.  
  23. While the Replace is completing, you may continue to use the system. The quote that is in process, however, will have all pricing sections locked. These sections will be read only until the final replace is completed.

If there are validation errors with the new Product, Style or Options

  • If validation errors are found during processing, these will be called out on the review screen with a red triangle to the left of the line(s) with errors
  • Expanding the line(s) will show you the error messages

  • You can still continue with the replacement when errors are present 
  • The quote or sale will flag the line item(s) with validation errors in the Line Items section on the Quote Review page
  • Until the errors are corrected, a user cannot product any customer output.  The only selection in Generate Reports will be the Internal Order
  • Until the errors are corrected, the quote cannot be converted to a sale.  A sale cannot be ordered while errors are present. 

Applies to:

  • Solatech Focus
  • Solatech DOS

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