How to use report filters in SalesPRO

How to use report filters in SalesPRO


SalesPRO software gives you the ability to use filters for the data generated on reports.  This article will explain how to effectively use these filters.


  • From within SalesPRO, go to the Reports tab.

  • Locate the report you wish to run.
    • Reports can be found by:
      • Click on Find Report and type in all or part of a report name (Wait until results appear, highlight desired report, click Run.)
      • Click on Open Report and find the report you want to run (Reports are listed in alphabetical order).
      • Looking under the different categories on the Reports tab (Quotes, Sales & Orders, Customers, etc.)

  • The report will appear as a PDF document.
  • Once the report is open, three tabs will be visible:  Report, View, and Edit.
  • To apply a filter, switch to the Report Tab and select the Filter Icon.

  • In the Date Range Filters, use the drop down menu to select your desired date range, or choose "Custom Date Range" to enter your desired range.

  • If you choose Custom Date Range you will get a small window with a Start date and an End date.  Fill those in and click OK.

  • Then click OK again.
  • Your report will be displayed using the new selected date range. 
  • Note:  The date range filter is not applicable on all reports so it will be absent for some.
  • Other filters will have a Yes or No answer.  Simply click on the Yes or No and a drop down menu will appear allowing you to change the answer. 

  • Filters that appear blank are text fields.  These must be typed in exactly as they have been recorded in the software in order to work.  
    • For example, if there is a filter for Customer Name, the customer name must be typed in exactly as it is recorded or it will not work.

Applies To:

  • SalesPRO Software

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