How to use the measure sheet to record customer measurements

How to use the measure sheet to record customer measurements


Solatech Focus gives user's the ability to capture measurements prior to beginning a quote.  This knowledge base article will describe the process of capturing measurements; exporting measurements and importing measurements.  It will also demonstrate how to use these measurements to build a quote.

Instructions to Create the Measure Sheet

  1. On the Customer Details screen, look for the section called Measure Sheets
  2. Expand the section, and click the +Add button to begin
  3. Enter a Location (ex: House, Office)
  4. The Room name can be selected from a list, or you may enter the room name of your choice.  
  5. Select Item (Window/Door)
  6. Select Mount
  7. Type in Width
  8. Hit Enter
  9. Type in Height
  10. Hit Enter
  11. The measurements can be entered either as a decimal or as a fraction.  They will be automatically converted to a fraction at time of quote creation. 
  12. The measurement is automatically saved
  13. The cursor will return to the Width field, ready to accept the next measurement
  14. The Remarks field for each line can be used to record additional notes about the window. These remarks will be shown during creation of the quote. 
  15. When all measurements have been captured, click the Return to Customer button

Note: If using a Leica Disto X3 laser to capture measurements, the measurements can be sent directly into the width and height fields.  Contact Solatech for more information on using or purchasing an X3 laser. 

Importing or Exporting Measure Sheets

  1. To Import click the Import button and then navigate to the location of the saved file and click Open
  2. The imported sheets must be a .csv file and must contain specific headings and data which is listed below:
    1. Location (data required in each row)
    2. User (data not required)
    3. Room (data required in each row)
    4. Item (data required in each row) 
    5. Width (data required in each row)
    6. Height (data required in each row)
    7. Remarks (data not required)
  3. To Export a Measure Sheet, click on the sheet to be exported; then click the Export button

Using Measurement Sheets to Build a Quote

  1. Once a Product Type, Vendor, Product and Style has been selected, when a measure sheet exists for the customer, the user will see a hyperlink Use Saved Measurements
  2. Clicking on this hyperlink will display a screen which lists all available measurements, along with remarks. 
  3. Place a mark to the left of the measurement to be used
  4. By default, Remarks will not be shown on the line item
  5. If you wish to show the remarks on your quote, place a check mark to the left of Apply Remarks to line item
  6. Click OK 
  7. Continue selecting options and then add the line. 

Note: When a line is added and the Saved Measurements are accessed again, measurements already included on the quote are shown in a gray font for easy identification. 

Applies To:

  1. Solatech Focus
  2. Solatech DOS

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