Managing what Clients see in a Process Report: Option Detail Settings

Managing what Clients see in a Process Report: Option Detail Settings


This article will explain how to manage or control the product specific information (i.e. Width, Height) you and your clients see in Order Entry and in your printed quotes, orders confirmations, or invoices.

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Before getting into how to maintain your Option Detail Settings that determine this information, let's get a better understanding of what Option Detail Settings are: 

  • Option Detail Settings are best explained by viewing a print preview of a Quote, Sale or Order.
  • Click on 'Quotes' from your home menu.

  • From the Quotes menu, highlight one quote and click on the down arrow under 'Quote' and select 'Preview'.

  • A small window with two types of quotes to choose from will appear.  For our purposes, either quote will suffice.  Simply uncheck the quote you do NOT want to view.

  • Look at one of the line items in the quote.  You will notice option descriptions below each line item, as shown below.

  • These option details are also shown in the quote window, as shown below.

  • The prefixes for these descriptions, and which descriptions will appear, are managed in Option Detail Settings.  Prefixes are preloaded into your software by Solatech, but perhaps you would like to tailor these to fit the needs of your business.  Option Detail Settings will allow you to do so.
  • Go to your Maintenance menu, click on 'Manage Lists", from the drop down menu, select "Option Detail Settings".

  • The Option Detail Settings window will appear.  There are two tabs, Description and Description 2.  The Prefixes in the Description tab will show up on an Order Confirmation, Invoice, and in Order Entry, while the prefixes on the Description 2 tab will show up on the Quote preview or print-out.  
  • Once the window is open you can click on 'Option Name' to put the options in alphabetical order.  This will allow you to find your options more easily.

  • Column 1 determines whether this option will show up in your Quote or Order (checked items will show, unchecked items will not).
  • Column 2 (Option Name), lists all of the options that exist in all of your products.  
  • Column 3 shows the prefix that will appear for that option on your Process Report.  
  • Column 4 determines whether or not that option will appear bold.  The bold feature will only appear in the quote window and Order Entry.  The option details will NOT show up bold on your process reports.
  • Glancing back at our Quote, we see the headings mount, pattern, Color, Cord, ccloopclr, hdrlclr, hldwns, and spcrs.  You may wish to change some of these prefixes, add some that are not present, or delete some that are not wanted.    

  • Let's say you would like to make the following changes.  
    • You would like your prefixes to all be lower case
    • You don't want spacers to show up 
    • And you would like to make Pattern and Color Bold.  
  • First, go to the Option Detail Settings window,  and find the option prefixes that are not all lower case.  In this example, these are Color and Cord (The option 'Control' is associated with the prefix 'Cord'). Because this is a Quote, we will use the Description 2 tab.   Remember, we are only changing the prefixes.  

  • Next, we want to make sure Spacers does not show up in the quote.  Find Spacers on the Description 2 tab, and uncheck the left column.

  • Last, we will make Pattern and Color show up bold.  Find those options on the Description 2 tab and check the boxes in the Bold column on the right hand side.

  • Remember to click 'OK' to save all of your changes.
  • Now if we go back to our quote and edit it, these Prefixes should show up on the quote preview how we have changed them.
  • To do this, Open your Quotes window and double click on the quote to edit it.  Then double click on a line item and click ok.  This will reset the line item to recognize the new settings.
  • Notice how the option details have changed in Order Entry:

  • And in the Quote Preview:

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