Running Reports

Running Reports

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These navigation and entry instructions may not be the only way to complete the desired task.  For more in-depth explanations, any related articles will follow the instructions as links.


From the Reports tab on the main toolbar, there are multiple ways to locate the report(s) you want to run:

  • Find Report - using keywords, reports that match will appear in the window to be selected.
  • Open Report - lists all custom reports you have created.
  • Other icons - present lists of delivered reports for specific categories related to quotes/sales/orders, or other maintenance functions.

To execute a report, if you have clicked on Find or Open, once you have highlighted the desired report, click run,  For all other icons, click on the selected report to run. 

Each report run will appear in a separate tab,  Three toolbars will be created:

  • Report - save the report, change titles, layout or font, apply a filter, refresh (rerun).
    • The filters on this tab include a custom date filter.

  • View - PDF tools, print/save/email, attach to a record (quote/sale/order, customer, employee, vendor).

  • Edit - painting tools (pen, highlight, add an image, insert text).

See also: How to Set Up Process Reports in SalesPRO

Applies to

  • SalesPRO Software

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