Setting up PLCodes for Customer Promotions

Setting up PLCodes for Customer Promotions

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Customer Promotions and Additional Charges work basically the same way.  They are applied after all customer discounts and item discounts have been calculated and applied.  They may be set up as "automatic" discounts/charges, which will apply on every quote, with optional criteria to qualify under specific conditions.


  • From Maintenance tab, click Customer Promotions.

  • Click New.

  • Using the drop-down for Group, select the most appropriate category;  if you want to create a new group, select the blank and type in the new group name.  
  • Enter the charge name, and optional description.  
  • Check the box to "Treat this item as a product item".  The charge will appear as a line item on the quote/sale/order.  
  • Select the method Subtract Price Line. Enter the value. You may also enter the cost of the charge, if applicable. 
  • Enter the PLCode of the surcharge you wish to discount. The PLCode can be the code by it self or have (+,-,*,/) and a value added to it.
    • Cordless
    • Cordless+5
    • Cordless-5
    • Cordless*5
    • Cordless/5
  • Check the "Taxable" box if the Customer Promotions affects a product price or taxable service. 

  • After clicking on the Options tab, there are options to set start/end dates for the charge, allowing you to define a charge before it's effective, or limit the time frame.
  • Checking "Automatically add this charge to quotes and sales" will cause it to appear on every quote, without taking action.  There is an option to apply only to specific types of customers (e.g. commercial vs. consumer).

  • Checking "Automatically add this charge to purchase orders" will cause it to appear on once the quote has been converted to a purchase order.  There is an option to apply only to a specific vendor (e.g. Graber vs. Hunter Douglas).

  • Click on Change the Criteria if you wish to add or modify special rules that apply before the charge can be applied, e.g. minimum/maximum quantity or specific vendors.  A separate window will open, with a built-in help function.  (Coding criteria will be explained in another article.) 

  • Click OK.

Current Available PLCodes (currently only supported by Graber products and select Comfortex products)

  • BorC - Surcharges based on Bay or Corner
  • Box - Surcharges based on Track Box Out
  • BUTD - Bottom-Up/Top-Down Surcharge
  • Cafe - Surcharges based on Cafe Shutters
  • CCL - Continuous Loop Surcharge
  • Control Type - Surcharges based on the Control Type
  • Cordless - Cordless Surcharge
  • Custom Color - Surcharges based on Custom Color
  • Cutout - Surcharges based on Cutouts
  • Double - Surcharges based on Double Hung Shutters
  • Frame - Surcharges based on Shutter Frame Sides
  • Hinge - Surcharges based on Shutter Hinge Color
  • Key - Surcharges based on Keystone
  • LandL - Lift and Lock
  • Motor - Motor Surcharge
  • Shape - Specialty Shape Surcharge
  • Sill - Surcharges based on Shutter Sill Cap
  • Skylight - Skylight Surcharge
  • Smart Pull - Smart Pull Surcharge
  • Stackback - Surcharges based on Track Stack back
  • TD - Top Down Surcharge and Top Down/Bottom Up
  • Tilt - Surcharges based on Shutter Tilt Type
  • Wrails - Wood Wrapped Rail Surcharge
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  • SalesPRO Software

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