Using a Leica X3 laser with an Android tablet

Using a Leica X3 laser with an Android tablet


For some Android users, when a Leica Disto X3 device is connected via Bluetooth, it renders the on screen keyboard inoperable.  In order to use the Disto X3 with an Android device, you will need to install and configure Gboard.

Setting Up and Configuring Gboard

  1. If Gboard is not installed on your device, you will first need to download and install  the app from the Google Play store. 
  2. Next, you will need to make Gboard the default keyboard for your device, following the steps below. (if Gboard is already your default keyboard, proceed to step 3)
    1. Open Settings
    2. Tap System
    3. Tap Languages and Input
    4. Tap Onscreen Keyboard
    5. Tap Manage Keyboards
    6. Tap Manage Onscreen Keyboards
    7. Select Gboard
  3. Return to Languages and Input
  4. Click Physical Keyboard
  5. Slide the Use Onscreen Keyboard while physical keyboard is connected to the On position 

Applies to 

  1. Solatech Focus
  2. Solatech DOS