Using the updated quoting screen in Solatech Focus

Using the updated quoting screen in Solatech Focus


The quoting screen in Solatech Focus has been updated to improve the speed and efficiency with which quotes can be created. This update changes the user interface of the quoting screen.  This knowledge base will detail the changes, and how the the new buttons should be used.

Product Selection

The drop down menus to select Product type, Vendor, Product and Style have been rearranged, but still function in the same manner. For products with only one style, that style will automatically be selected.

Options Selection

Previously each time you entered or changed an option, the option would be immediately processed.  This caused the "please wait" message to appear between each option.

With the update, a user can enter/select multiple options before choosing to process those options.  Some options, such as Operating System and Pattern, which require immediate processing in order to create a quote, will continue to be automatically processed.

  • When an option is selected/entered and not immediately processed, you will see an Update Options button appear. The option will have a pencil icon shown to the left of its name.
  • Pressing either Update Options OR the pencil icon will process all options shown on the screen.

When options are processed, a user may see additional icons/notifications:

  • Red triangle to the right of the option name. This indicates that the option has changed values.  A common example of this would be a color list value changing due to a Pattern selection.  Hovering over the triangle icon will show a tool-tip with  the name of the previous option value.  Note: tool-tip not available on mobile devices.

Note: Changed options will also result in a banner notification across the top of the screen.

  • The word "New" in green font to the left of option drop down list.  This indicates a new option which wasn't previously shown on the screen.

Note:  New options will also result in a banner notification across the top of the screen. Once either Update Options button or the pencil icon is pressed, the icons and banner messages will disappear. 

IMPORTANTWhen the Update Options button and pencil icon are visible, the user cannot add the line to the quote.  The options must be updated before the line can be added. 

  • For some products, you will see a large, green bar appear above the options section, along with a Validate Options button
  • When this button is visible, it must be pressed before the line can be added to the quote. 

A couple of notes about Validate Options

  • Pressing this button will also perform the function of the Update Options button
  • Hitting Update Options will NOT perform the Validate Options function.

Troubleshooting tip: 

In very unique situations, as user may select a product and see blank option drop down lists.  If this happens, simply press the pencil icon to the left of an option name to refresh the product and restore the option lists.

Applies to: 

  • Solatech Focus

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