When editing price charts in Excel, values have many numbers after decimal point

When editing price charts in Excel, values have many numbers after decimal point


When editing price charts in Excel the value in some of the cells has many numbers after the decimal point, instead of just two as you would expect.

For example, Excel shows 550.058999741077 instead of 550.06.


There are two possible causes of this.

Product Designer

When you perform certain functions in Product Designer such as increasing by a percent, PD does not round the results when it saves the value back into the chart. It is rounded when displayed in the grid but the actual value is sent to Excel which is why Excel shows the large, un-rounded value.

Original spreadsheet has the large values

Some price charts that Solatech uses came directly from Excel spreadsheets that the manufacturers created. Some of these spreadsheets have un-rounded numbers due to the way they were created. Product Designer carries over the actual number.


Use the rounding functions in Product Designer to round the values up or down to the nearest appropriate value. For example if you round 575.0456 down to the nearest 1.00 it will change the value to 575.00.

Changing the display settings in Excel only changes how the number is displayed, it does not change the actual value itself.

There are ways to do this in Excel also:

1 - Highlight a blank cell and click the fx button.

2 - Choose Round as the function.

3 - For the top number choose the cell you want to round, the second space type a 0 (number of digits).

4 - Click OK.  You will have your rounded number.

5 - for the rest of the chart, just copy the cell you just did and paste it everywhere else.

When SWCS calculates prices it automatically rounds the values to two decimal places.

Applies To:

  • Product Designer 4.0
  • Product Designer 4.1
  • Product Designer 4.2

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