Working With Discounts and Promotions in Order Entry

Working With Discounts and Promotions in Order Entry


This article explains how to apply and manipulate Customer Discounts and Customer Promotions in Order Entry.

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Customer Discounts are reductions in the price of products, based on a category assigned to the customer (e.g. preferred customer, commercial customer).  These are applied inside each line item.

They directly relate to the product, and do not affect any additional credits/reductions you define for your business (like referral credits). 

Customer Promotions are special, stand-alone offers such as coupons and referral discounts, that are added based on customer actions independent of the customer type or products ordered.  They can reduce the final cost, or may represent an independent item, like a gift card. These are applied as a separate line item below the product line items.

Promotions can be set up as a flat rate or percentage, and can apply to selected product line items or all products.

How to assign a Customer Discount to a Customer

In the Customer Profile

  • When the customer is set up, prior to the first quote, they are assigned to a customer discount group.  That discount group links to the discount value of the product selected, to apply the discount in Order Entry.
  • The Customer discount group must be set up first.  To read how to set these up, go to Managing Customer Discounts.

Inside Order Entry  

When you have started a new quote, or are editing an existing quote, and you have completed entering the option values for the selected product, click on the Breakdown tab.  This will present the pricing in detail.

The Customer Discount will show the percentage assigned for this product/style.  If you want to change it for this item only, click on the percentage, and an override window will open, and you may enter a different percentage, click OK, and the price will be recalculated.

Another way to discount the product from the same window is by adding an Item Discount.  Click on the amount for Item Discount, below the Customer Discount.  An override window will open, and as with the Customer Discount, you can enter an additional amount to reduce the price.  The Item Discount can be a flat amount or a percentage.  If you want it to be a percentage, be sure to include a percent sign in your entry (15%).

When all your adjustments have been completed, and you have added the new line item (or OK'd the changes for an edited line), the Edit window will show the product with the original price and the customer and item discounts you have applied.

While these discounts are visible in order entry, when the quote is presented to the customer, these discounts may be combined into a single figure, or only the final "adjusted" price will show, depending on which type of quote is selected.

If, after creating all the product line items for the quote (with or without customer or item discounts), you may still adjust the customer/item discounts without having to re-edit the details of the line item:

  • Highlight at least 2 lines that you wish to modify.  
  • Click on the arrow under the Replace Items icon, select the entry to Replace Discounts.

  • Select which discount is to be changed.  To change both, complete the change for the first, then begin the process again from the first step.
  • The item discount is a flat rate dollar amount; the customer discount is a percentage.
  • Click OK.

Another window opens to review the change before applying.

  • Click OK to apply to all the selected lines.
  • If any changes need to be made, click Cancel and start over.

To include discounts that apply as a total against the overall price of the quote, you will want to use Customer Promotions, and select the appropriate discount.

  • Click on Add Customer Promotions.
  • Select the appropriate promotional discount.  
    • Note that the amount/percent will be a negative number.  
  • The amount/percent can be overridden before adding it to the quote.
    • Amount will be negative whether or not you add the negative sign (-).
  • Click Add to return to the quote, or Add and Continue to select another promotion.

These promotions apply to the price after any customer/item discounts have been applied on the line items.

Discounts can be set up so that you may select the line items applicable to the discount.

  • Select the discount/promotion as previously described.
  • A window will open prompting you to select which lines to which you would like the promotion applied.
  • Highlight the appropriate line(s).
  • Click OK.

When reviewing the quote/sale, you can tell if a promotional discount has been applied to multiple lines by the appearance of green check marks to the right of the line (see screen shot below).

To see which to which a discount is applied:

  • Highlight the discount/promotion line item.
  • Right-click on the promotion.
  • Click on "Applies to...".

The same window opens that was used to assign the promotion.  Add or delete lines as required.

Overriding Discounts/Promotions

Some charges/discounts may be set up to automatically apply (e.g. discount for more than 5 blinds, order total greater than $5,000).  Automatic charges or discounts will be grayed out.  If the assigned discount amount needs to be deleted, delete as with any other line item, then Save.  Once an automatic discount is deleted, the criteria no longer applies, and it will not appear again for that quote.

If the amount/percent for an automatic discount/promotion needs to be changed, first it must be converted to a manual promotion.

  • Highlight the line item to be changed.
  • Click on the down-arrow next to the Add Charge icon.
  • Click on Convert to Manually Added Charge.
  • Modify the discount/promotion amount by double clicking on the charge, then changing the amount/percent.
  • Note:  Once a charge or discount is converted to a manually added charge, it can no longer be deleted.

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