SoLo Funds

            What is the maximum lending limit?

            We have established a $20,000 per month limit that a Lender can fund. SoLo also has a daily limit in place of $10,000.

            SoLo calculates your monthly and daily lending limits based on the total amount of transactions coming in and going out of your account. 

            For example, John would like to invest $10,000 today. However, John is expecting several of his loans to be repaid today for the amounts below:

            Nancy: $550 

            Scott: $350

            Josh: $420

            Michael: $500

            Sandy: $480

            Total: $2,300

            Since we have a daily limit of $10,000 he will only be able to fund $7,700 worth of loans today. SoLo will allow John to fund as many loans as he'd like until the daily limit is met. Once the daily limit is hit, John will have to wait until tomorrow to continue funding loans. 

            The same scenario will apply to the monthly limit. Once the monthly limit is hit, John will have to wait until the next month.

            Updated: 05 Nov 2019 02:52 AM
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