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            Philips SpeechExec - Connect Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate with SpeechLive Account

            SpeechLive is a virtual online storage that can store your dictation files and documents. To use SpeechLive, you must first activate your SpeechLive user account.

            For more information about SpeechLive, go to https://www.speechlive.com/.

            To configure SpeechDrive in SpeechExec, do the following:

            Click the SpeechLive settings button on the toolbar. The SpeechLive configuration wizard is displayed.

            Enter your SpeechExec Live account email address and password, then click Next.

            Notes: Your password must contain at least five characters. The Next button is hidden until you enter a valid password.

            Click Finish.

            Now, a additional Software Panel in left top corner is activated and you have access to the Archive, Finished and Suspended folders

            SpeechExec Pro Dictate 

            Operating Systems: 

            • Windows 7
            • Windows 8.1
            • Windows 10
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