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            DS-9500 - Wireless Download Settings

            This guide goes through Wireless Download settings, so you can configure the recorder to use with Wireless Downloader or Wireless Communication Service to download dictations via WiFi. This assumes you have already configured your DS-9500 recorder with a WiFi network if not then please follow the guide Configuring the DS-9500 to use a WiFi.

            • Open the Dictation Module
            • Connect the DS-9500 recorder. 
            • Click on Tools then click on Options and click on Device. 

            Note: Device setting will not appear if the recorder isn’t connected. 

            • In the left column click on Wireless Download. 
            • Tick the box “Enable wireless download to folder” 
              • If you want to use the Wireless Communication Service, then enter the Address and Port number of the PC or Server which has the service installed. 
              • If you want to use Wireless Downloader, then click “Use Wireless Downloader” and this will automatically enter the Address and Port field for the current PC.    

             Wireless Downloadblur


            You can set the individual folder path by clicking on the “…“ button.

            Wireless Download folder sync

            Then browse for the folder or type in the folder location and click OK.  

            Wireless Download pathblur

            Alternatively, if you already configured the download folders in the Folder Design settings then you can click on “Sync with Folder Settings” button to automatically link the folders. 

            Clock Synchronization 

            The recorder time can be synchronized with the PC which has the Wireless Communication Service installed by ticking the box below.

            Wireless Download Clock


            The dictations will stay on the recorder once downloaded however, the dictations can be automatically deleted from the recorder. Alternatively, the dictations can be deleted after a certain amount of days once the file has been transcribed. 

            Wireless Download Delete options


            The dictations can automatically be renamed upon download using a set format by ticking the box then click on Format button as shown below.

            Wireless Download Rename format   

            In the Format Options tick the relevant information to be included with the filename.

            The order of the file information can be changed by clicking on Move Up and Move Down buttons.

            The separator can also be changed by clicking on the drop-down list. 

            The Preview field allows you to see how the file name would look before applying the changes. 

            Wireless Download Format options   

            WAV conversion 

            The dictations can be automatically converted to WAV format once downloaded by ticking the box below and setting the attributes. This is ideal if you need to send files to another user who doesn’t have the Olympus software. 

            Wireless Download Wav conversion option

            Once the settings are configured the DS-9500 will now be ready to download dictations via Wi-Fi please follow the guide on how to send dictations using Wi-Fi.

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