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            DS-9500/DS-9000 - Add Worktype IDs to a DS-9500/9000

            For this guide, Worktype IDs must have already been added to the Workflow section. See our Worktype IDs article for instructions.

            To upload Worktype IDs to a device, go to:

            • Tools > Options > Device > Worktype List

            • Select the Device Type and Device from the drop down menus.

            • Click the Load button.

            Add Worktype IDs to a DS9500DS9000 1

            If more than one Worktype ID is being set to the device...

            • One must be set as the Default Worktype ID.

            • Tick the “Prompt for Worktype ID...” tickbox.

            • Click Apply/OK to upload the settings to the device.

            Updated: 06 Feb 2019 08:49 PM
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