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            DSS Player Standard - Importing Dictations

            This article details how to import a dictation into the ODMS & DSS Player Standard software.
            NOTE: The software shown in images is DSS Player Standard.

            Files can be imported in to the software, if they are received via email or saved in a different location on the PC.

            • Open the email with the attached dictation file(s).
            • Right-click the attached file and select Save or Save As and select an easily accessible location, for example, your Desktop.

            importing exporting dictations sr2 1

            • Within the Olympus software, go to File > Import Dictation…

            importing exporting dictations sr2 2

            • Browse to the location you saved the dictation file, select the dictation file from the list.
            • Specify the Destination, for example Folder A
            • Click Open to confirm the import.

            importing exporting dictations sr2 3

            • The file will now be imported into the Transcription Module ready to be transcribed.

            importing exporting dictations sr2 4

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