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            Nuance Dragon Professional Group - Update to version 15.4

            Update information for Nuance Dragon Professional Group version 15.4.

            There are two installation types for version 15.4:

            • Service pack—For existing Dragon customers.
            • Full build—For new Dragon customers.

            You can update to Dragon version 15.4 (group) from the following versions:

            • 15
            • 15.1
            • 15.2
            • 15.3


            What's new in version 15.4

            General enhancements

            Automatic Gain Control option now disabled when connected through Remote Desktop.

            When you connect to Dragon through a Remote Desktop connection, the 'automatically adjust the microphone level as I speak' option that appears in the Choose a Microphone dialogue box is now unavailable. This option enables or disables Automatic Gain Control, which is unnecessary when connected through Remote Desktop.

            For more information on this option, see Choose a Microphone.


            Most hotkey values now blank by default

            Note: This feature is only included in the Dragon version 15.4 full build. It is not included in the 15.4 service pack.

            The default values for most hotkeys have been removed to allow you to specify default values that best suit your needs. Only default values for the following hotkeys remain:

            • Force command recognitionDefault value: CTRL key
            • Force dictation recognitionDefault value: SHIFT key

            Default values are removed from new and existing user profiles. However, if you customized your hotkey values, Dragon retains these customizations.

            Caution: If you are an existing Dragon customer and you installed the version 15.4 full build by mistake, default values are not removed from the user profiles you upgraded.


            User Experience Collection/Data Collection now disabled by default

            The User Experience Collection/Data Collection option is now disabled by default in the following locations:

            • On the 'Help us improve Dragon' page in the wizard that appears when you've installed Dragon for the first time and you're creating your first user profile in the Options dialogue box—Data tab.

            You can enable the option at any time.

            For more information on User Experience Collection/Data Collection, see About User Experience Collection.


            Security enhancements

            There is a new section in the Dragon Client Installation Guide on configuring Dragon and its environment securely.

            For more information, see chapter 2, "Preparing to install Dragon" in the Dragon Client Installation Guide.


            Software versions

            Dragon now supports Microsoft Office 2019.

            Click here for more information on how to install the update

            Updated: 12 Mar 2019 09:59 PM
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