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            ODDS - Configuring and ODDS License

            • Select a license

            configuring an odds license 1

            • Click New Smartphone App License Settings

            configuring an odds license 2

            • Email Address: Enter the author's email address
            • Delivery Method: Select Email/FTP/Prompt. (Prompt gives the user the option to select either Email or FTP)
            • Email Settings/FTP Settings: Click the relevant button to configure the destination address for the dictations
              • When configuring email, clicking on the "..." button in the recipient field, will give more options.
            • Format: Select the format of the dictations
            • Encryption: Select the level of encryption or disable
            • Author: Add the Author ID
            • Worktypes: Click the Add button to add in worktypes

            Click OK once you are happy with the configuration. To then connect the app to the portal, see our "Connect to ODDS from the Olympus Dictation app" article.

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