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            ODMS R7 - Setup Wizard (Dictation Module)

            • Click Next to go through the wizard or click Skip Wizard.

             ODMS setup wizard 1

            • Specify an Author ID & click Next or click Skip Step.

             ODMS setup wizard 2

            • Specify if you would like to store the dictations locally, on a network share or send them externally via Email/FTP.

            ODMS setup wizard 3blur

            • If you want to store the files on a network then you can type in the location into the folder path. Alternatively you can click on Browse button and browse for the shared folder.

            ODMS setup wizard folderblur

            Email options:

            • Select the email type and click next

            ODMS setup wizard 4

            • Enter the credentials for your email account
            • Click next and this will check if your credentials are correct.

            ODMS setup wizard 5

            • Click Add to register the recipient email addresses to send the files to.

            ODMS setup wizard 6

            FTP options:

            • Enter the FTP server details, directories and account credentials
            • Click Next and this will check if your credentials are correct and the directories are accessible.

            ODMS setup wizard 7

            • If you have Dragon installed on the PC and want to use Speech Recognition then tick the box enable speech recognition features
            • Then select the Author to use with a Dragon profile

            ODMS setup wizard 8

            • You can select one of the built in document templates to output the text. Alternatively you can import your document template within Tools > Options > Workflow > Template.

            ODMS setup wizard 9

            • Choose whether you would like to provide feedback on the application.

            ODMS setup wizard 10

            • Click Finish to exit the wizard. If you ticked "Setup the device" at the beginning then it will launch the device setup wizard.

            ODMS setup wizard 11

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