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            ODMS R7 - Text Correction Overview

            This article details the Text Correction overview explaining what each section and button does.

            If you want to know how to use the Text Correction window, then you can follow this guide here.

             Text Correction overview 1rn

            1. Drop-down Menus

            2. File Options

            3. Playback Controls

            4. Text Formatting tools

            5. Transcribed text / editor window

            6. Playback Status

            Drop-down Menus


            Text Correction overview 2

            Copy to ClipboardCopies the selected word to the “Clipboard”, ready to be pasted.
            SaveSaves the document
            FinishedSaves the recording and exports the completed text.
            PendingPends the recording so it can be continued later.
            PrintOpens the Print window
            Print PreviewOpens the Print preview window
            CancelCloses the window.


            Text Correction overview 3

             UndoUndo the last operation.
            RedoRedo last operation.
            CutCut selected text to the clipboard ready to be pasted but does not keep the original text.
            CopyCopy selected text to the clipboard ready to be pasted but does keep the original text.
            PasteInputs the contents of the “Clipboard” to the selected cursor position.
            FindOpens Find window


            Text Correction overview 4

            ToolbarToggles toolbars between show and hide, specifies the buttons displayed in toolbars, etc.
            Status barToggles the status bar between show and hide.


            Text Correction overview 5

            Play/StopPlays/stops the file.
            HomeReturns the cursor to the beginning of the text.
            RewindRewinds a file.
            Fast ForwardFast-forwards a file.
            EndMoves the cursor to the end of the text.
            VolumeAdjusts output volume.
            SpeedRaise or lower the speed of playback.
            ToneRaise or lower the tone of the audio playback.

            Voice Information

            Text Correction overview 6

            Show Information WindowDisplays detailed information about a dictation file.


            Text Correction overview 7

            ContentsOpens help contents

            File Options

            Copies text files that have text formatting to the clipboard.

            After copying, the text with the text formatting can be pasted into MS word or some other application.

            Playback Controls

            Plays the dictation from the cursor position in the text display area. Pressing this button again stops playback.

            During playback, the text that corresponds to the playback position is highlighted.

            Text Formatting Tools

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