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            Philips SpeechExec - How to Reset the SpeechDrive Cache

            How to reset the SpeechDrive cache in Philips SpeechExec:

            1. Close SpeechExec completely (File>Exit)
            2. Browse to the user's local appdata folder (start>run>%localappdata%)
            3. Locate Philips Speech\SpeechExec\PT folder 
            4. Inside of the PT folder you will see a SpeechDrive folder
            5. C:\Users\userid\AppData\Local\Philips Speech\SpeechExec\PT\SpeechDrive
            6. Rename the SpeechDrive folder to old_SpeechDrive
            7. Now launch SpeechExec again.

            It might take a while but the SpeechDrive folders (including the Archive folder) will sync up with the database.
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