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            SpeechAir - How to Reset PIN/Password

            To wipe the device proceed as follows:

            • Switch off your Speechair
            • Press and hold + button
            • While pressing + button press Power on button (both buttons are pressed now)
            • Release both buttons when you see the red light on your SpeechAir
            • You should see now the android icon on your screen
            • Press + button again to access the recovery mode
            • Navigate with the - button to “wipe/factory reset”
            • Confirm with power button
            • Navigate with - button to “Yes -- delete all user data”
            • Confirm with power button
            • Wait until process is finished and select “reboot system now”
            • Press power button and SA will reboot automatically

            + button = volume up 
            - button = volume down

            Operating Systems: 
            Android 4.4.2 Build number

            Applies To: 
            SpeechAir PSP1100

            Updated: 06 Feb 2019 11:27 PM
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