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            ODMS R7 - Wireless Communication Service Settings

            This guide goes through the Wireless Communication Service settings. This software is mainly installed on a PC or server that is constantly available to allow multiple users send dictations via WiFi in the environment.

            • Click on Start
            • Find and open Olympus Wireless Communication Service folder
            • Click on Option Settings. 

            Option settings


            This let you see the port number that the Wireless Communication Service is using and change the port number if required. 

            WCS port  


            Dictations downloaded can automatically be backed up by doing the following:

            • Tick the box “Enable auto-backup”
            • Specify the backup location by typing in the location or by clicking on the “...” button to browse for the folder. 

            You can also set the backup folder to be purged after a certain amount of days.

            • Tick the box “Enable Purge feature
            • Enter the number of days.  

            WCS backup

            Advanced Download 

            This lets you configure routing rules for the dictations this is ideal if you want to sort your files based on Authors or Worktypes into specific folder. 

            • To create a rule, tick the box “Enable Advanced Download”
            • Click “Add” and then specify the following
              • Author ID
              • Worktype ID
              • Destination Folder 

            Repeat above step to add another rule. 

            Additionally, you can set a download rule for files which doesn’t match the specified conditions by ticking the box “Download files that do not match all rules to a specific folder” then type in the folder location or click “…” button to browse for the folder.  

            WCS Advanced Downloadblur

            Device Management 

            The device settings and firmware updates can be centrally managed using the SCP R7. Note this requires an SCP license for central management. 

            • Tick the box “Enable device management by SCP”
            • Enter the SCP server address and port number.
            • Click Connection Test to confirm the details are correct. 

            WCS Device settings    


            The Wireless Communication Service can log events with the service by ticking the box below and specify the path for the log file.

            WCS logging

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