How to Use Switch Layout During Study Creation

How to Use Switch Layout During Study Creation

There is an easier way to view the contents of each tab in the Study Creation menu. By default, the contents of the Study Creation menu are displayed in a Detailed format, but there is also a Simple format available. Here’s how to access it:

1. In the Studies menu, press [New] to create a new study. Alternately, highlight any study, then press [Edit].

New Study:

Edit Study:

2. In the Study Creation menu, press the Switch Layout button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The default layout is Detailed. Press Simple to switch to a simpler view.

3. The Simple layout displays a simplified view of the contents of each tab in a study. You can still make edits to each tab as you would normally. However, with the exception of the Protocol tab, the options must be accessed via right-click. For example, to make changes to the Personnel tab, right-click on any of the existing personnel or anywhere in the negative space in that tab. The other tabs work the same way. Unfortunately, the Animals and Groups tab are not shown, so adding animals or groups will have to be done in the Detailed view.

The size of the tabs can be adjusted with the bars at the bottom of each pair of tabs.

Studylog will remember which layout you last used when you open another study, so make sure to always choose the view you want.
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