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            Undelivered Messages

            Most of the time our messages are delivered just fine. On occasion, however, they me not be delivered or delivery may be delayed.

            Possible Causes

            1. The destination number you are trying to reach is blocked from receiving this message (e.g., due to blacklisting).
            2. The device you are trying to reach does not have sufficient signal.
            3. The device cannot receive SMS (for example, the phone number belongs to a landline).
            4. The destination number is on India's national Do Not Call registry.
            5. There is an issue with the mobile carrier.

            "Undelivered" messages sent to India

            Undelivered messages sent to India could be due to the destination number being listed on the national Do Not Call (DNC) registry.
            Updated: 14 Apr 2019 01:44 PM
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