I chose the wrong address in checkout!

            Please make note that your shipping address is confirmed in checkout. The primary shipping address is defaulted and can be changed, before checking out. If you have an old address in your account, please delete it from MY ACCOUNT, to prevent accidentally using it. If the wrong one is chosen, get in touch with us we can change the address, before the order is Paid/Processing.

            You may still request the address change, if you have paid, but there is no guarantee it will be changed before shipment. If you select the wrong address and don’t catch it before shipment, you may try to request an address redirect with your local post office by giving them the tracking number. If failed, we bear no responsibilities for that. However, please contact us for a replenishment discount for your next order. It is our best possible offer. We appreciate your understanding on the matter.

            Updated: 24 Mar 2018 10:01 PM
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