How do I develop a Gold Standard (GS) project?

How do I develop a Gold Standard (GS) project?

The Principles and Requirements explain the process for developing a GS project. Each project goes through a process that we refer to as the “GS project cycle.” Please refer to the diagram under 5.1.2 for a complete description of the GS project cycle.  


New GS project development elements include, but are not limited to, project design, Stakeholder consultation, a preliminary review period and Validation and Verification Body (VVB) validation. 


To complete the GS project cycle, you must follow all the rules and procedures in Principles and Requirements, as well as any other Standard documents that are referenced (for example, the Safeguarding Principles and Requirements).   


All Standard documents, including Template reporting documents, can be found on the GS4GG document website.  


It is also important to know that there are certification and issuance fees that apply to all GS projects. Fees are listed here.  Please note that these fees are in addition to any consultant or third-party auditor (a Validation and Verification Body or “VVB”) fees that you will ordinarily incur when developing a project.