What are the fees to Transition from CDM as a GS Project?

What are the fees to Transition from CDM as a GS Project?

Fees: Standard Fees for GS VER projects are to be paid for Preliminary Assessment aka “Prefeasibility” assessment (if applicable), registration, design change, issuance of credits and registry fees following Gold Standard fee structure. An example of standard pricing for a VPA project are as follows:

VER Small scale Project Fees (not LUF and not Microscale projects (less than 10,000 metric tons)




Preliminary Review



Project Design Review

.15 cents minus the review fee


Performance Review



Subsequent Issuance

Two choices see below

A common question is if the pricing for each VPA remains the same and the answer is “yes”.

Subsequent Issuance fees:

·         $0.30 per credit minus Performance Review fee paid with cash

·         $0.10 per credit + 2% of issuance minus Performance Review fee paid


Annual Registry Fee: $1000
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