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            Resetting the Camera Position

            This article contains instructions for both PC and Mac users.

            The ability in GlyphViewer to reset the camera to the starting position is useful for quickly regaining orientation after you have manipulated the visualization (zoomed in, zoomed out, rotated, etc.).

            • At any time, click on the “Reset Camera to Starting Position” button on the main toolbar

            • The view in the visualization pane will revert back to the view presented when the visualization was first opened

            Mac users occasionally may experience a phenomenon caused by the mouse controls remaining stuck selected on something in the background, resulting in the rapid spinning of the visualization.

            • To stop this phenomenon:
              • Click on any point in the background, or click on a glyph
              • Click on the “Reset Camera to Starting Position”
            • In the event that the above steps still do not correct the issue, close out of the visualization by clicking the “Close Visualization” button  in the toolbar, then load the visualization again

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