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            Using the Interactive Legend

            GlyphViewer’s interactive legend allows you to selectively hide or show elements of your glyph to enhance your analysis or assist with your presentation of the visualization.

            Click on the “Interactive Legend” icon  on the main GlyphViewer toolbar to open the interactive legend window. The window contains an unmapped image of the visualization’s glyph.

            Click on any element of the glyph to select that element.  The flashing halo effect will indicate which element has been selected, and the info tag for the selected element will be shown.

            Click on “Show/Hide Element” to hide the selected element (see image above).  The element will be removed from view in each object in the visualization, and the selected element will change color to gray in the Interactive Legend window.  

            In the two images below, the camera is in the same position.  In Image 1, no elements have been hidden.  In Image 2, the Interactive Legend feature was used to hide the torus (ring) element – note the flashing yellow halo around the grayed out torus-shaped element in the interactive legend inset.

            Repeat the two steps above as necessary to hide multiple elements.

            To show a hidden element, be sure the element is selected in the Interactive Legend window, then click on “Show/Hide Element”.

            To show all hidden elements at once, click “Show All”.

            To hide an entire branch of the glyph – a parent element and each of its child elements – select the desired parent element and click “Show/Hide Branch”.  The flashing halo effect will appear around the selected parent element, both the parent and all child elements will change color to gray in the Interactive Legend window, and the entire branch will be removed from view in each object in the visualization.  

            Note: In the visualization used in this example, the torus is the parent element, and the rods and cylinders are child elements of the torus.  Therefore, choosing to hide the branch will hide the entire glyph from view, as shown below.

            To show an entire hidden branch at once, be sure the parent element is selected, then click on “Show/Hide Branch”. (“Show All” will also show the entire hidden branch at once, but it will also show all other hidden elements, even if they are not on the selected branch.)

            To show just one of the elements (parent OR child) on the hidden branch, click on the desired hidden element in the Interactive Legend window, then click “Show/Hide Element”. 

            Note: In the image of the interactive legend below, the hidden branch is still grayed out and the selected element is marked by the flashing halo effect and the info tag.

            Repeat the previous step to show additional single elements on a hidden branch.

            To close the interactive legend, click the red “X” in the upper right corner of the Interactive Legend window OR click on the Interactive Legend icon in the main toolbar.

            If the visualization contains more than one glyph, use the Left and Right arrows at the bottom of the Interactive Legend window to scroll through the glyphs, then follow the steps listed above to show/hide elements and branches as desired.

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