Content tabs in product pages

            You can create tabs inside the product pages. These tabs can be global (for all products), specific to a collection or specific to a product.

            Create a page and set visibility to visible

            Create a navigation menu with a handle `product-tabs`

            Add menu items and select the pages in the dropdowns

            Use collections/collection-handle to display the tab on all the product pages from a collection. Eg. a Sizes Chart tab on Women collection would be collection/women.

            Use products/product-handle to display the tab on a specific product page. Eg. a Features tab on the product called Art t-shirt would be product/art-t-shirt.

            Use global or global/anything (if you want to avoid having similar item names) to display the tab all product pages. Eg. a Shipping info tab on all products would be global.

            See the tabs live in your store

            Same tab name with different content in several product pages

            If you have a tab that needs some different content for tens or hundreds of different pages, for example a tab called "Features", you might end up with tens of pages called Features and struggle a lot when it comes to selecting the right one in the navigation dropdown (see below).

            To avoid this headache, rename your pages using double pipes ||

            For example, the page Features becomes Features || Product XYZ or Features || Cool T-Shirt. This way, you can find the right Features page fast. Everything after the double pipes || in the page title won't be displayed in the tab title. For example, the tab will still be called "Features".

            Re-order the Reviews tab

            If you enabled the product Reviews tab, by default it will be displayed as the last tab at right. To
            it, add a #Reviews item in the product-tabs navigation menu and then drag & drop it to the order that you prefer.

            Updated: 11 Jun 2018 02:53 AM
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