How to change the layout of product variants on mobile

            1 variant per row by default (1 column)

            By default, variants/options are displayed one per row. But you can also display them 2 per row. This setting is located in Customize Theme > General Settings > Mobile Tweaks.

            2 variants per row (2 columns)

            You can see some examples below.

            0 variant (only the quantity picker)

            1 variant

            2 variants

            3 variants

            You can also hide the variant labels (eg. Sizes, Colors...)

            Variant Swatches (instead of dropdowns)

            You can also use Swatches (see Add Variant Swatches) instead of Dropdown. In this case, the 2-column layout will be disabled, and the variant(s) will be displayed 1 per row.

            Updated: 13 Sep 2017 02:34 PM
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