Latest releases of the Konversion theme

            Versioning logic - Version X.Y.Z
            X means a major change in theme due to a change in Shopify's core
            Y means a big enough change that involves new key features and/or big change/fix
            X means small bug fixes and small features release.
            Make sure you have the latest version of the theme. When you submit a ticket, we'll support only the latest version. To know the version of your theme, go to Theme > Customize theme > Edit code. Look at the bottom.

            09/14/2019 - Version 1.6.1

            `095f434` fixed slide update 
            `a11a6c8` fit cart content to screen height
            `632b188` #699 product featured image setting text
            `8c1d5c0` #719 fix duplicated shipping rate calculation text
            `902e899` #718 fix hardcoded OR in cart template
            `12f0e58` #713 cart drawer content issue caused by properties 
            `8d6658b` #692 option for menu uppercase
            `731ea88` #709 cart issue with reducing qty when there is 1 
            `5aee49a` #724 blank gap in the footer when not a lot of content 
            `bb2be7a` #715 tweak breadcrumb margin when announcement bar enabled 
            `0a176a4` #706 specifying image size for lazy load
            `99074ee` #706 product json optimization for collection page loading
            `8e578e9` #698 improve meta image size
            `a0dd6f6` remove instagram default values
            `223f12c` fix Ryviu tab widget

            07/20/2019 - Version 1.6

            | * f09dcae Upgrade gulp to build on latest node (12.6)
            | * 73d183b fake facebook like & share buttons
            | * 528e6f7 #655 make logo bigger
            | * 0b32096 localize
            | * 512c2e9 #696 hardcoded shop continue label
            | * ca1428b #694 product card title length

            05/19/2019 - Version 1.5.1
            | * cafed91 #686 raw html setting update
            | * d75f6d6 685 options for cart banner
            | * 8c344b1 #684 Issue with hide ATC buttons
            | * 66bae38 #684 issue once upsell product is added to cart
            | * aee31b8 cart drawer link go to cart page
            | * 9d9a312 #675 clean the cart options
            | * 55febe0 hide ribbon default value

            03/21/2019 - Version 1.5

            | * c369149 option to show featured image on product page load
            | * 1117664 guarantee image size on mobile for cart page
            | * 3f92abf product icons layout and appearance fix
            | * 20525d1 #679 Option to hide ribbon for product card
            | * 5761c6c #673 product upsell help text
            | * f0af33d broken product image on search result with video featured image
            | * d96a3aa youtube video width when setting value is empty
            | * aa0f009 slide image size for desktop
            | * 0006f98 #673 product upsell with collection handle
            | * c23b368 gap when warranty and support view not exist on cart
            | * ace423c slideshow text width on mobile
            | * 2032707 #678 cart upsell in popup and drawer cart
            | * 9d92244 video slide fix
            | * 50dcff5 removed wholesale from release
            | * f2c1c04 #677 product icons alignment and appearance
            | * f7f4b6f #676 removed FB placeholder icons
            | * 170c6e9 #674 option to control line height of sub menu
            | * a343555 #671 nested sidebar styling
            | | * 7f25da0 remove version from theme.scss
            | | * 034f0cc sticky ATC bar position when fixed header is none
            | * | edfdf59 #671 Nested menu in collection page
            | * 0757f1a affiliate description update
            | * e61be8d #669 cart breaks when qty is zero by minus button
            | * c443c69 #669 cart remove action
            | * 30bfa0b #664 inventory qty get from liquid
            | * 6fccad3 #663 Desktop sticky ATC bar overlaps header sub-menu
            | * 0c05d77 #658 Option to make main image same in collection and product page

            01/23/2019- Version 1.4.1

            | * cb7f1a7 Add `natives` lib to use gulp with node v11.6
            | * a47ec42 #660 product price color for desktop
            | * 812e8db #171 upsold product design glitch
            | * 6b31a9f #171 upsell on product style updates
            | * fbbbcf1 #171 bug and issues on cart upsell
            | * d1052dc #171 cart upsell responsive
            | * 8edac00 #171 cart upsell
            | * 9872a32 #171 updates on product upsell
            | * 5089000 defer image loading for in-app browser
            | * 7e28a8d #171 product upsell settings and info
            | * 033b57b #171 Product upsells on product page
            | * 33eb367 speed optimize
            | * 9bd1636 #642 image overlay setting text
            | * 1dd998c #642 admin text for image hover effect
            | * 1b56986 #463 header cart widget settings
            | * 5f1dd14 Ticket #2221 date.js issue
            | * b85f442 wholesale auto discount on checkout
            | * 22cbb73 wholesale labels update
            | * bd47813 wholesale removed discount code
            | * d9bb822 youtube video info update
            | * dbd0594 #539 open product menu on mouseover
            | * 850843a #605 collection sidebar
            | * 487b061 #605 gaps on header menu
            | * 9e3920d #634 typo and css fixes
            | * 693a0cd #634 typo in setting label
            | * 9d7c7ea #634 breadcrumb display option for normal pages
            | * 673b964 #634 contact page promo product card alignment
            | * a6772a4 #634 custom content section > invert color option
            | * fa0c133 #622 ryviu app integration for product tabs

            12/17/2018 - Version 1.4

            | * b1144bb #629 update description for color swatch option
            | * 60821e9 wrong product info supply for mobile sticky ATC button
            | * bfffdca mobile & desktop banner for collection
            | * 576309e product image smooth swipe
            | * 7d70b87 lazy load image for infinite scroll product cards
            | * 33b7299 fix template error
            | * a5a0cc4 wholesale extension for ajax cart
            | * 80ae131 wholesale extension
            | * 3825125 product 2 columns layout not working
            | * ef6e899 #653 change default text in cart settings
            | * 255fa0f combining styles and SwipeToSlide
            | * 5f35951 option to enable/disable product image swipe
            | * c419e17 option to show/hide search bar
            | * 69d168f display all menu items by default
            | * 9261bfe defer offscreen issue on real devices
            | * c121f18 #620 Header cart widget
            | * d798949 #620 Add to cart behavior same overall
            | * bc750cd #649 option to change the number of collections per row
            | * 0f148c5 #628 variant swatch not working with number
            | * c0006cd hide dropdown when there is single variant
            | * 287cf8f defer offscreen image for slideshow
            | * 278b696 stay on page when cart drawer enabled
            | * 5722f9b defer images offscreen for mobile speed
            | * dffaf00 margins related products on cart
            | * eb21dfe #638 footer margin in collection pages
            | * 0dd4b8d #641 tab description hide when full description enabled on the right
            | * b312682 #646 SEO schema updates
            | * 0b1fcfb #636 product price varies

            11/02/2018 - Version 1.3.4 

            | * daffed9 #635 revert slideshow
            | * 30ad333 #630 remove paypal debug parameter
            | * 3de343b #637 padding bottom on product page caused by sticky ATC button option
            | * a754d82 #636 product variants prices
            | * 94220bb #634 buy now button font and size issue
            | * a8c513d product icons alignment mobile issue

            10/17/2018 - Version 1.3.3

            | * 497d125 #611 remove unused code for checkout note
            | * adad480 #611 checkout note not working in order
            | * d0ed2e0 #627 grid broken on custom font
            | * b441e89 #615 Slider dots (especially useful on mobile) in product pages
            | * 5a6a25c #612 Add custom color for color swatch on homepage featured product
            | * efd32b9 #463 Amount displayed in top-right cart widget
            | * b707984 #564 Html Content box in the right column of the product pages
            | * bd8ddef #614 Custom content section at the bottom of the product pages
            | * 11b3f89 #616 String missing for translations
            | * 1451177 #619 Mobile vs Desktop display for more homepage sections

            09/11/2018 - Version 1.3.2

            Fixes made
            • Product page redirect issue in admin
            • Full width setting for custom content
            • Cart quantity box size
            • Topbar z-index

            08/13/2018 - Version 1.3.1

            `d0f099a` #600 When the variant is sold out, the sticky ATC button doesn't display it to the Sold out on mobile version
            `2261bfd` #602 Remove query parameter for variant from product url
            `1a0cf53` #601 Adding a new Cart type for ATC action in admin settings
            `75628fa` #603 Setting the zoom for various devices 
            `88fc58d` #604 trust badge on cart
            `06a9f3a` #605 swatch tooltip position
            `f225fe8` desktop & mobile visibility setting for custom page content section
            `0e6cce9` #607 hide variant with only one option for both swatch and dropdown
            `d08bb29` #608 ability to select main menu
            `1e8f72b` #609 paypal checkout button overlapping with fixed header

            06/26/2018 - Version 1.3.0

            | * 1a948a6 Variant image match with multiple color options
            | * 486e8dc #566 Margin/padding on single product section on homepage
            | * 9595f62 #598 Make all margin/padding top/bottom consistent from one homepage section to another
            | * f55ce5e #595 Option to move the Add to cart button above the description when the description is diaplyed FULL in the right column
            | * ee4dcf6 #599 Variant option bug on Featured product section
            | * 6c6dcd9 #596 On mobile version, the breadcrumb is hidden and the product image is cutting

            05/28/2018 - Version 1.2.9

            | * aaef855 Fix deps to make gulp work on Node 10.x
            | * de9ed5f #264 Implemented features from the very first designs
            | * cd0fb2d #464 Clickable slider image (link on the image)
            | * 4cd1eb7 Update product icons
            | * 22ba321 #575 Support the New Checkout Button by Shopify
            | * 73306a8 #592 Put # for links instead of links to default social media pages
            | * eef17a4 #593 When clicking the review on the product, it doesn't scroll down to review tab properly
            | * 7b92f1c #590 Adding margin or padding between ATC button and icons
            | * e17c650 adding margin bottom to the Header see more button
            | * 5a52d01 #591 Adding option for logo and menu in header
            | * 9492886 #589 The user should be able to add more slideshow
            | * 62dd3ce On collection page, only description should move above/below the products
            | * 2a77eb6 #586 Add to cart sticky button doesn't work on mobile and tablet
            | * 5ceb30a #565 Add to cart sticky button behaviour on mobile
            | * 5ff02bd #573 Checkout button color option in the theme settings
            | * f6d2777 #511 Hardcoded Add to cart button text
            | * b9b34d6 #580 Transparent icons
            | * ece8fb3 #569 trust badge image quality and size
            | * 47523d3 #585 Related product button doesn't disappear on the product page
            | * 2d469f7 #530 Infinite Options integration fix
            | * 99484a8 #584 The custom text was not shown on the sticky add to cart button on mobile phone
            | * 32db4ff #583 Zoom bug
            | * 5b3d87d #582 update variant option label

            05/07/2018 - Version 1.2.8

            | * f2acea1 #563 [ticket 775] We should make the cart automatically update
            | * cc6393d #582 Variant option label Bug
            | * 2d71459 #581 [ticket 854] 3 valid requests
            | * f1edb5c #563 We should make the cart automatically update
            | * 5fe8700 #553 Change link in the Instagram Token instructions
            | * 9f98624 #578 Variant option bug with dropdown
            | * d70aa3f #570 Bug on add to cart on homepage
            | * 216a489 #558 mistake in the text of the customization tab
            | * ded6f97 #579 New option to display the collection description below the products
            | * c996490 #576 upated product-add-to-cart-bar,collection-template, product-template, product-swatch
            | * 30363b9 #550 update some codes for new zoom feature
            | * bb0a0c3 #561 Sticky Add to cart bar bug
            | * 873dfdd #550 New Zoom plugin
            | * 9f0be89 #106 Improved Cart Page(fixed header,trust,support,warranty,payment)
            | * 8bc1d35 #534 Display desc tab when no product content(home, product page) on desktop and mobile
            | * b26b67d #551 Padding/Margin for custom content block on homepage
            | * e5f1ba6 #522 Layout when full screen (17 inches desktop)
            | * 72c7ba1 #461 Disable Excerpt by default
            | * e8668f6 #491 Add to Cart behaviour improvement

            04/04/2018 - Version 1.2.7

            * 1483919 Fix header arrow dropdown icon when the width is more than 1600
            * 282814a fix header dropdown icon
            * 3957647 #462 Bug with the Update cart link/button
            * 2cde0c0 #481 Add-to-Cart bar goes over the Drawer cart on Desktop
            * 706b0b3 #523 Account icone and Account word should be better aligned
            * 85b57c4 #529 Contact Page bugs
            * dc0b499 #541 Zoom(bug) on Product page or Featured section
            * aedbe04 #524 Change Default Colors of Footer to be dark
            * 340384c #531 Product banner text alignment
            * 3a9b5df #526 The padding between menu items
            * e23f0fd #525 Re-Work The Footer section
            * be1ddb6 #543 Feedback theme while rebuilding
            * 07e7f65 #544 Store copyright text is missing
            * f936c98 #542 Cropping image fix
            * 7e7dc9d #540 More link doesn't change with color
            * d028b99 #513 Checkout Popup doesn't work when it was enable
            * b21091a #516 Hover on 2nd image option
            * 1f487eb #515 Header Menu Issues
            * 41da61c #518 related product ATC buttons bug on Product page
            * 26c30ec #535 Fix issue when menu type was selected to product menu
            * 48fb86f #535 Make the logo move at center when header items are center-aligned
            * 54ef46c #537 problem with Deal of the Day
            * be77d9e #536 zoom doesn't work when img size is small
            * 615cb0d Fix gulp cssimport issue after npm update

            03/25/2018 - Version 1.2.6

            - Fixed variant permalink (direct link redirection bug): Now if you go to variant via permalink it will set options and images accordingly

            - Fixed Some options in Button action

            - Fixed Product title not displaying in some cases

            - Added option on the product pages to Redirect to checkout after adding to cart

            - Some Improvements
            mobile layouts

            - Added an option to display full Description in the Excerpt of the product page and featured product section on


            - Made sure Trust Badge image looks great on all devices

            - Made menu item padding bigger

            - Changed and updated a few options that didn't work on latest theme version

            - Added left margin option for logo

            - Improved trust badge and icon position below ATC button on


            03/13/2018 - Released Version 1.2.5

            - Fixed missing variant label for
            - Fixed related products on

            - Optimized trust badge default image
            - Added option to upload a trust badge on product pages below the ATC button

            when link string is too long
            - Fixed trash icon position in cart drawer/popup
            - Added youtube video width setting
            - Added option for youtube video alignment
            - Fixed collection title below image in collection pages and homepage sections
            - Hide variant dropdown box always when there is only 1 variant (no option)
            - Fixed Hide variant with one option for dropdown
            - Re-added Quantity +/- picker on mobile
            - Prevented form submission excepting cart/add
            - Fixed a bug in Checkout on cart drawer and popup
            - Fixed review stars overlapping with price
            - Improved variant columns mobile layout and quantity box position

            02/27/2018 - Released Version 1.2.4

            • Remove Linked variants option for the Single product section on the homepage
            • Fixed Reviews tab option to change position (in the navigation menu)
            • Changed ATC default behavior 
            • Improved image

              for Instagram section
            • Option to show/hide product icons
            • Fixed touch menu & submenu for tablets
            • Updated collection filters
            • Improved the Checkout popup option
            • Fixed bug on
              on add to cart, when a video is used instead of the main image
            • Disabled "Hide unavailable variants" (linked variants) by default
            • Fixed Cart Drawer bug when
              scroll is enabled
            • Fixed Add to Cart bug adding multiple items to cart on collection pages for products with a variants/options

            • Improved the user experience for the Continue Shopping (Shop Now) link/button
            • Hide Menu in collection page by default and added a checkbox to enable it
            • Improved mobile form layout 
            • Refactor some inline JS
            • Option to display the Deal of the day timer on multiple product pages

            02/10/2018 - Released Version 1.2.3

            • Make Related Products section
              the product page and cart page to take the full width (4 products in the row)
            • Option to hide variant with only one option
            • Fixed tag filters in the collection pages
            • Fix related products slider bug

            01/19/2018 - Released Version 1.2.2

            • Option to hide variant with only one option inside the sticky Add to Cart
              bar on


            • Linked options/variants for the Add to Cart
              bar on


            • Fixed sticky variant change not updating

            • Fixed Product card alignment 

            • Hide single option on mobile

            • Custom currency processing

            • Added note
              cart page and widget

            01/08/2018 - Released Version 1.2.1

            • Fixed X-Scroll on mobile
            • Fixed Continue Shopping Link to go to All products instead of
            • Fixed variants selection not highlighted on mobile
            • Now supports multi-lang for 100% Discount Free text
            • Improvement
              the sticky Add to Cart bar on Desktop
            • Gift Card template added
            • Changed default CTA button color and fixed hover effect

            12/11/2017 - Released Version 1.2

            • Add prefix to body ID
            • Add a padding setting for the main menu in

            • Add a Theme Customization tab with a link to
            • Fix issues on IE10,11 on homepage sections
            • Improve Single product snippet on the homepage for mobile to look like the product page
            • Option to add a custom CTA to replace the Add to Cart button when the product is Free
            • Option for Product price to display "Free" when the price is 0 or when the discount is 100%
            • New
              in the homepage to display a Page content
            • Add a new Video section in homepage
            • Add a new Video block inside the homepage slideshow 
            • New video feature on the main product image of the product page
            • Fix Add to Cart buttons on Related Products snippet
            • New feature to link product variant together
            • Improve Instagram feature on mobile with a setting for the number of rows and images per row to display 
            • New feature to display the Related products snippet on the Cart page
            • Option to change the CTA button color
            • Option to Hide the product title from the page when the Product image banner has the product title on it
            • Fix the 2nd image hover feature on the collection page and collection/products snippet on the homepage
            • Set Product Reviews as the default reviews app
            • Fix the Blog comments snippet
            • Remove the word "Others" present by default in the filter tag groups/categories
            • New custom upsell/checkout popup on desktop and mobile now

            11/07/2017 - Released Version 1.1.9

            • Improve logo image and main product image quality
            • make all reviews app have gold stars
            • Implemented a checkout
            • reduced padding between sub-menu items
            • fixed infinite scroll bug on collection pages (displaying ugly Add to cart buttons)
            • added additional checkout buttons on the cart page
            • added an option to display a button or link in the title of the collection/products snippet on the homepage
            • reduced to 1 slide as the default number of slide in the slideshow section
            • Implement +/- quantity selector on mobile
            • Added a custom content block section supporting

              in the cart page
            • Improved Instagram widget in the homepage section
            • Improved page builder with new content blocks: Html block, Video section,
              of products
            • Updated support and documentation links
            • New option to align
              menu at

            10/13/2017 - Released Version 1.1.8

            • Refactor the product page from 2 Add to cart forms (one for mobile and one for desktop) to a single one
              • Removed product-page-form-mobile file
              • Moved form HTML from product-template.liquid to snippets/product-page-form
              • Moved content from snippets/product-page-form to src/snippets/product-page-info.liquid (used on Featured product section)
              • Brought back add to cart form on mobile from product-page-form-mobile.liquid
            • Remove debugging output from
              menu (link.title.size)
            • New option to display both the sticky add to cart button and the normal add to cart button on mobile
            • Fixed product title showing twice when you add a banner image inside a product page
            • New option to display a custom menu in the collection pages on mobile
            • Improving top right Add cart widget with many navigation menu items
            • New option for the Add to cart button color 
            • Improved the style of the left sidebar in the collection pages with dropdowns and checkboxes
            • Fixed
              when drawer cart is enabled
            • Disable by default the floating add to cart image animation
            • New integration with the
            • Improved the single product alignment on
              on mobile
            • New option to display a play button and a video on the main product image inside the product page, using the ALT of the image to paste a Youtube video.
            • New option to change and upload product page icons under the Add to Cart button
            • Supporting Font Awesome Icons for the product page icons

            10/06/2017 - Released Version 1.1.7

            • Hide the "OR" word in the drawer cart if the payment gateway is not fully set up and the additional button(s) is hidden
            • Option to display both the default Add to cart button and the sticky Add to cart button on mobile
            • Option to remove/add

              the left of the logo without affecting the logo on mobile
            • Added an Integration with the Ryviu app inside General Settings > Apps
            • Fixed a bug with text over
              on featured products on mobile
            • Option to hide one (or more) product icon(s) when you remove the text of the product icon. Eg. removing "free shipping" text will hide the free shipping icon.
            • Fix the +/- quantity picker bug in some stores
              the cart page 
            • New horizontal product thumbnails option
              the product page
            • Multi-level (3) supported for the left sidebar menu in the collection pages
            • Added options to customize the 404 page
            • Added option to add the first name in the newsletter opt-in popup
            • Reduced margin/gap between image and product title on mobile on the featured collection & featured products section of the homepage
            • Fixed the product variant with long names that popped out of the variant box/container

            09/29/2017 - Released Version 1.1.6

            • Fixed featured product card layout on the homepage (title and price displaying
              the product image)
            • Fixed main image loading bug on mobile from Facebook in-app browser traffic
            • Fixed countdown timer bug on mobile when you change the product variant
            • Improved sticky Add to cart on mobile
            • Added
              t for long product titles inside the sticky add to cart
              bar on


            • Added margin-left option for

            • Fixed Sticky add to cart
              bar on

              bug with the double Add to Cart text
            • Enhanced search box style 
            • New option to add a banner image
              product pages - each product can have a different image. Learn more
            • Added a "None" option for the main product image zoom
            • Added links to recommended image sizes for the slideshow (slider)
            • Small fix on the Deal of the day feature
            • Fixed bug with jQuery has deprecated synchronous

            09/22/2017 - Released Version 1.1.5

            • Option to add a custom link on the logo, in the Header Section. Useful especially for stores on a sub-domain that wants to send users clicking on the logo to the main domain.
            • Fixed bug - Wrong pricing displayed in the sticky add to cart
              bar on


            • Changed the documentation link in the theme settings
            • Option to remove the left margin beside the logo
            • Added an option to display a background image or background. Learn more.
            • Fixed the bottom gap caused by loading on mobile when the description tab is expanded.
            • Option to display the collection description text at the top of the collection pages. Learn more.
            • Added more options for the Add to Cart button location on mobile. Learn more.
            • Option to close the description tab by default on mobile.
            • Allow custom logo for
              version (possible to add a different logo image on mobile vs desktop)
            • More flexible product card height for product images on collection pages (and collection section and featured products section on the homepage)
            • Add a "None" option for the left sidebar menu in the collection pages.

            QUESTION: How can I change this text " Shipping & taxes calculated at checkout"? Ideally, I would like something that mirrors the "Best currency converter" app. They replace that text with " All orders are processed in USD. While the content of your cart is currently displayed in {{ doubly
            }}, you will checkout using USD at the most current exchange rate."

            ANSWER: We added an option in the theme. You can now add a special tag, typing eg. `<span data-current-currency>USD</span>` and our JS replace the `USD` to whatever currency is selected.

            09/15/2017 - Released Version 1.1.4

            • Fixed the Problem when merchant re-ordered images and got
              linkage to options form
            • Improved currency conversion; Multiple fixes
            • "Continue Shopping" button on the cart page and cart widget
            • Paypal button on drawer and popup cart
            • Option to display the Collection page banner image in mobile version
            • Fixes for


            • Prettier sticky "add to cart" button on tablets
            • Improved speed from B score to A score on
              Minified inline scripts & styles; Change defaults)
            • Added license success message

            09/11/2017 - Released Version 1.1.3

            • Fix thumbnail images in the collection pages
            • Implement a new feature to display 2nd image on hover
              the collection page and featured products and featured collection section 

            09/10/2017 - Released Version 1.1.2

            • Fix truncated tab titles. Now possible to have more than 1 word per tab title. Eg. Shipping Info, Why Buy From Us
            • New option to hide the account link even if Customer accounts are enabled.
            • New logout link in
            • Option on mobile to display the price under the product title rather than next to it.
            • Fix the Deal of the day widget and improve layout and styling on desktop and mobile.
            • Fix the sticky Add to cart button mobile devices
            • Improve invalid license popup with a more obvious message
            • Remove tips of recommended image size in the slideshow. *Coming soon: mobile slides and desktop slides*
            • Fix Reviews and add a link when you click on the stars to the reviews. Bug fix for Loox and Yotpo too.
            • Added
              n on cart page.
            • Option to upload a mobile logo different than the desktop logo.
            • Fix Unavailable product bug with inventory and 2-column layout on mobile
            • Fix the Countdown

            08/29/2017 - Released Version 1.1.0

            • Simplified custom tabs & ordering. Learn more here.
            • Customizable related products. Learn more here.
            • Map section.  Learn more in the Map section here.
            • Loox Photo Reviews & Yotpo integrations (review apps).
            • Vertical logo - Ability to have a header with more height to have some room for vertical logos.
            • Variant options and quantity picker - 2 layouts on mobile.
            • Short description snippet to allow text formatting in the short description on the product page. Learn more.
            • Added a Free Store Setup tab in General Settings. Provided by Shopafree.
            • Product reviews app bug when you copy/paste Settings data from old theme version to
              version. Learn more.

            08/22/2017 - Released Version 1.0.0

            • Optimization: CSS Sprites for icons
              the product page
            • Update the German locale file
            • Update the Dutch locale file
            • Fixed a bug in the main menu

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