Tag Care Ltd

Help and Installation files

You can download our Help Files from the attachments at the bottom of this page.

As users of Tag Care come in different forms, we use the following terms to distinguish them;
  1. Client - this is the person about whom others are concerned. They may be vulnerable, or just living, working or being in vulnerable situations
            The client is the person "worried about" and who has the Tag Care app installed on their phone. In CQC terms they are 'Service Users'
  1. Carer - one or more people who do the worrying, concerned relatives, friends or official carers.
            Carers are usually the people who administer (and pay for) the account.
            It is perfectly possible for someone to be their own carer, and administer the account themselves and then add one or more other carers.

The Help Files below are;

  1. General
    1. FAQs
  1. Client
    1. Client Installation; shows a client how to install the app on their phone (client_installation_help.pdf)
    2. Client App Help; shows a client how the app works (client_app_help.pdf)
  2. Carer
    1. Carer installation & Administration; shows a carer how to set up an account, help the client install their app and how to use the Administration portal for the account (carer installation and setup help.pdf)