If i make 2 cups then i have to refill the filter? Right? How much time does or take to be 2 more cups? And suppose i have to serve 6 cups of cappuccino at same time. Is it possible to serve six cups hot?

            Here is an article that explains the water quantity for an espresso shot:

            Yes, the filter needs to be refilled with fresh coffee powder after every use.

            The time it takes to make two cups is approximately 3 minutes.
            Six cups would take nine minutes and so on.
            Due to the basic physical property of matter, the first two cups would begin to lose their heat to the surrounding ambient temperature, and at the end of six cups, the last two cups would be the warmest compared to the first two.
            However, by passing some steam to the beverage, you could heat it up again before serving.
            Updated: 14 Jul 2017 04:38 AM
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