Ted Owen

            Ted Owen PlayAPI, A big name in the video gaming industry

            Gaming industry has developed over the years, and the credit for these definitely goes to the creators, who came up with unique concepts, and of course the customers, who accepted them. Video games have changed the face of gaming industry and today it is millions dollar one.

            Ted Owen PlayAPI, a big name in the video gaming industry, has come up with a unique company, named PlayAPI. He is an entrepreneur, who has achieved success in the industry of E-sports; he initiated the discussion of bringing video games to the Olympics, and this vision of him is heading towards success in the coming Olympics.

            Ted has signed contracts with TNT, MTV, and Gravity games; this is a big achievement for him as introducing an E-sport in the Olympics will attract a large number of audiences.

            As a kid, Ted was interested in tennis and wanted to pursue this as his career; but with time, he got involved in video games and become passionate about it making it the biggest entertainment in the world and he indeed made it.

            Launching PlayAPI with his partner Jose Luis Coriolo, who was involved in banking investment, was a great experience for Ted as it proved to be a life changing idea for him. The idea was widely successful, and now he is here introducing the world of virtual games in the Olympics.

            Ted Owen PlayAPI is known to launch numerous innovative companies in video gaming and is the first person to write public reviews for notable and renowned games like – Max Payne, GTA, and Command & Conquer.

            Ted Owen PlayAPI has been named in the Stuff magazine and Maxim’s Magazine in a list of top 20 and 10 person respectively emerging in digital media.

            Updated: 25 Dec 2017 05:38 PM
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