Broadband Wireless or Satellite Internet service

The TeleBlend service will work with a broadband or satellite based Internet service. The issue with these types of services is that your upstream bandwidth is generally limited and therefore you might experience some degradation in the voice quality as a result. However, these providers are constantly improving their connectivity and therefore as these improvements are made, you should see in call quality increase.
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    • Do I need Broadband Internet service for TeleBlend

      Yes. The TeleBlend service utilizes your Broadband Internet connection to provide you the phone line. This can be DSL, cable, FiOS and even wireless broadband and satellite. You will need to have at least 128kbps of symmetric bandwidth.
    • Satellite Configurations

      TeleBlend is generally compatible with satellite receivers (both normal, HD and those with built-in TiVO units) from both DirecTV and Dish Network. Satellite receivers require a telephone line to periodically dial in to a central system to report ...
    • Fax Service

      Many TeleBlend members enjoy using TeleBlend service for small and home office needs - including faxing. Feedback from our members has revealed that many members do not know that faxing is available with TeleBlend today. However, faxing via any ...
    • What do I need to sign up for TeleBlend service

      To use TeleBlend Service, make sure you have: High-speed broadband service in your home - either through a cable or DSL modem. Your modem speed will need a minimum upstream and downstream capacity of 120 kbps. Test your broadband speed now. A valid ...
    • Does having TeleBlend service affect my regular phone service

      No. Your regular phone service is not affected by TeleBlend Service. TeleBlend Service operates through your broadband connection and does not interfere with your regular phone service. However, once you realize the great value and savings from ...