When calling others, do they need to have TeleBlend service

No they do not. The TeleBlend service works exactly like a regular phone service. You can call anyone, anywhere at anytime
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    • Do I need Broadband Internet service for TeleBlend

      Yes. The TeleBlend service utilizes your Broadband Internet connection to provide you the phone line. This can be DSL, cable, FiOS and even wireless broadband and satellite. You will need to have at least 128kbps of symmetric bandwidth.
    • What do I need to sign up for TeleBlend service

      To use TeleBlend Service, make sure you have: High-speed broadband service in your home - either through a cable or DSL modem. Your modem speed will need a minimum upstream and downstream capacity of 120 kbps. Test your broadband speed now. A valid ...
    • What do I need to do to activate my 911 service with TeleBlend

      TeleBlend will activate Emergency Dialing automatically for you as part of your service. You do not need to take any extra steps outside of the ordering process for Emergency Dialing to be activated on your TeleBlend account. If you do move ...
    • Does TeleBlend have 911 service

      TeleBlend provides Enhanced 911 service at no extra charge. The safety of our members is important, and we have built a network that supports the most sophisticated 911 technology available to the VoIP industry. With Enhanced 911, your call is routed ...
    • Can I use a calling card with my TeleBlend service?

      Yes. However, check our international rates on our main page as they are far better than most calling cards and other providers.