Create a Widget

Create a Widget

Widgets allow you to display testimonials on your website.  Learn how to create them! 

1. From the Dashboard, select the “Widgets" then "Add Widget"


2. This will launch the widget wizard.  First, select which type of widget you'd like.  Make a decision based on the functionality of the widget.  You can edit each widget type after you've created it.  You'll have the ability to edit colors, how many testimonials display, auto scroll...etc.


3. Select which testimonials you'd like to display on the widget.  Select "Add" to include testimonials on your widget.  Those you select will then display the "Remove" action button.  Make any adjustments to this page, then select "Continue."


4. Name your new widget. Then press "Finish" when you are done!


5. Once created, you'll need to implement the code on your website.  If you manage your website, select "Add Widget Myself" to copy the code then paste it into your website.  Otherwise, you may need to email your webmaster.  Select "Get Help from my Webmaster" in order to email your webmaster the code. 

Add Widget Myself:


Get Help from my Webmaster:

6. Navigate to "Widgets" then "Manage Widgets" to see your new widget listed.  


7. Learn how to edit the basic or advanced setting of the widget.  


** Depending on your account’s permissions which are set at the corporate level, what you see on your screen may not have the same options as described here. **




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