RE/MAX Marketplace: Purchase & Account Setup

RE/MAX Marketplace: Purchase & Account Setup

Testimonial Tree in RE/MAX Marketplace:

1. Sign into RE/MAX Marketplace and search for Testimonial Tree 
(use your MAXCENTER credentials)
Login to Marketplace using MAXCENTER credentials

Login to Marketplace using MAXCENTER credentialsRE/MAX Marketplace > Client Management > Reputation Management > TestimonialTree
2. Navigate to "Editions & Pricing" and select a plan:
Editions & Pricing

A. Purchasing for yourself (BLUE)
- Select "Individual Agent" Basic (1 user)

B. Purchasing on behalf of others (RED)?
Click into "Manage" to bulk purchase licenses on behalf of the right profile (i.e. team, specific office location or an entire brokerage) and then select the corresponding plan (red). Please note that Marketplace will always default to your personal profile. After you purchase you'll be able to assign licenses to individual agents at the corresponding team, office location or any agent at the brokerage. 

- "Team" Basic Plus (2-9 agents)
- "Single Office" Pro (10-49 agents)
- "Multi-Office" Pro Plus (50+ agents)
Select Editions & Pricing Plans
3. Agents Begin Setup to Get Started:
Individual Agents - Go to My Apps to access Testimonial Tree and walk through setup.
My Apps Menu Click Testimonial Tree to sign into the application
4. Walk Thu Setup Wizard:
Individuals will be prompted to login to authorize Testimonial Tree to connect your 3rd party review site and import reviews.
  1. Confirm your information (name, phone, headshot, etc.)
  2. Google My Business (GMB)
  3. Facebook Recommendations
  4. Zillow Reviews
  5. Add individual Testimonials 
5. Add Testimonials & Reviews to your Website(s):
  1. Your Website (Widget)
  2. Booj Website (Enable)
  3. Realtor Profile (Syndication Partner)
  4. Enable other popular application syndication partners i.e. Cloud CMA, CMA Toolkit, MoxiPresent, Spacio (see support help for more info on how to turn on in settings). See our Knowledge Base.

6. Begin using Testimonial Tree:
  1. Collect Testimonials and Reviews
  2. Share Testimonials on Social Media
  3. Monitor Results

For Brokerages or Teams assigning user licenses to agents:

1. Sign into Marketplace
2. Toggle to Brokerage profile in the drop down (defaults to agent profile)
3. Click applications menu
4. Hover cursor over Testimonial Tree app icon gear icon will appear to assign user licenses to your agents

Getting Started Videos: Agents

Support requests can be sent from within the application "HELP" or you may send an email to (response is typically within 24 hours or next business day EST time USA).