Do you offer complimentary calls with coaches prior to booking?

Do you offer complimentary calls with coaches prior to booking?

We do not offer complimentary calls with coaches before booking, unfortunately. Instead, each coach's profiles have "coach overviews" you can use to assess whether they would be a good fit, as well as their reviews, which are also very helpful!
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    • Why are some coaches more expensive than others?

      Muse coaches are broken down into three price tiers: Mentor, Coach and Master Coach. All of the coaches have been vetted by the Muse, but they each offer something different. Mentors have fewer years of experience, but specialize in various areas and ...
    • Do you offer payments plans?

      Unfortunately, we don’t right now. We know that working with a coach is an investment, so we’re happy to answer any questions before you book. We also offer gifting services, if you have a friend of loved one who might want to gift you career ...
    • I’m in another country. Can I use this service?

      Of course! Our coaches usually don’t mind a time difference, and some of them have experience with international job seekers. To ensure your needs are met, we encourage you to include a note to your coach when booking. Let him or her know where you ...
    • How can I become coach on The Muse?

      We’re regularly looking to bring amazing coaches onto the Coach Connect Platform! Click here to learn more.
    • What is The Muse?

      The Muse is the only online career resource that offers a behind-the-scenes look at job opportunities with hundreds of companies, original career advice from prominent experts, and access to the best coaches to get personalized and private career ...