Do I need to be a TicketPro member to buy tickets?

Do I need to be a TicketPro member to buy tickets?

Yes, you need to sign up to TicketPro in order to buy tickets on the site. It's a quick and painless process to create an account - all you need is a valid email address and then choose a password and you are signed up!

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    • How do I buy tickets or vouchers?

      On the ticket page, simply choose the number of tickets/vouchers you want and then click the 'Buy Now' button. You will then be taken to a checkout page whereby you securely process your purchase.
    • Who do I contact if I need a refund?

      Please contact the organizer directly to arrange your refund. The organizer can be emailed via the ticket page – and organizers can also add other contact details such as phone number, address and website. If a ticket or service is cancelled the ...
    • Can I search for free tickets?

      Yes you can. Simply enter the word ‘Free’ into the search bar in order to search for Free tickets. You can also search for cheap tickets (tickets from $1-10).
    • Can I use PayPal to pay for tickets/vouchers?

      Absolutely! TicketPro works closely with PayPal to provide a quick, secure transaction. When you are buying tickets/vouchers on the website click the PayPal option and you can log into your PayPal account directly on TicketPro.
    • How do I find tickets or services on Ticket Pro?

      It's easy to look through all TicketPro tickets on our Find Tickets page. You can search for tickets by Ticket name or Organizer name. On the search page you will see a list of available tickets with the Ticket name, thumbnail picture and a short ...