Who do I contact if I need a refund?

Who do I contact if I need a refund?

Please contact the organizer directly to arrange your refund. The organizer can be emailed via the ticket page – and organizers can also add other contact details such as phone number, address and website. If a ticket or service is cancelled the organizer should notify you and start the refund process.

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    • Can I contact the organizer directly?

      Yes, the ticket organizer’s details will be on the ticket page so you can contact them directly if needed. If you have questions about a ticket please contact the organizer rather than TicketPro.
    • Does Ticket Pro handle the refund process?

      TicketPro does not hold your money when you buy tickets - it goes straight to the organizer’s account and it is the organizer who is responsible for refunds.
    • How long will a refund take to process?

      The organizer is responsible for refunds – please contact them directly if you have not received a refund for a cancelled ticket.
    • Do I need to be a TicketPro member to buy tickets?

      Yes, you need to sign up to TicketPro in order to buy tickets on the site. It's a quick and painless process to create an account - all you need is a valid email address and then choose a password and you are signed up!