How to Change an Employee Deduction

How to Change an Employee Deduction

1.) Click Employees

2.) Click on the employees’ name in blue

3.) Click Deductions

4.) Click Inline Edit

5.) Click Employees

6.) Click on the employees’ name in blue

7.) Click Deductions

8.) Click Inline Edit

      - If you need to update the employees’ fixed amount, enter in the new amount in Fixed Amount, and click Save in blue to the far left.

      - If you need to do a one-time adjustment, enter that in the One Time Adj field and click Save. * If the fixed amount of deduction is $100 and you need it to be            $150 one-time, enter in 50 in the One Time Adj box. If the amount of the deduction is $100 and needs to be $50 one-time, enter in a -50 in the One Time Adj              box *

      - If you need to just deactivate the deduction, uncheck the Active box and click Save.


**Nothing ever needs to be changed in the Start and End Date fields. Enter a deduction on the 1st payroll it is to take effect, and just deactivate the deduction after the last payroll with it has processed.

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