Am I able to insure the replacement cost of my Tiny Blox?

Am I able to insure the replacement cost of my Tiny Blox?

Speak to your insurance company but basically if you can ensure a building or shed then you can insure this because it is just a normal building. All of the parts used in the construction are recognised by australian standards.‚Äč
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    • How much does a Tiny Blox cost?

      Base pricing for a Tiny Blox starts from $18,990 however they are highly customisable, therefore pricing varies from one customer to the next depending on the floor area of the building, the finishes and fit-out.​ Typically, the entire process from ...
    • Is the Tiny Blox wired for electricity?

      Electrical installation is an extra cost that is allowed for in your quote but is not supplied/included in your kit. A licensed local Electrician will be able to install it generally within the allowed budget.​
    • Does Tiny Blox make a profit from the compliance report fee?

      No. The cost of the Compliance Report is set to adequately cover the costs of providing you the report, so that you have clarity around whether you are eligible to erect a Tiny Blox or not. It is not a profit-generating exercise for Tiny Blox.​
    • How much does a compliance report cost?

      Each Standard Compliance Report will cost you $1299 inc GST. Please note that this is a non-refundable fee.​
    • Can i build a Tiny Blox on my property?

      A compliance report is prepared by our designated town planner to outline the council rules you must adhere to when building your Tiny Blox. The compliance report will include specific details such as: boundary setbacks, plot ratio, height ...