What is a design brief?

What is a design brief?

A design brief is a short phone call that typically takes around 15 minutes to gather your basic details so we can present an accurate picture of what you’re trying to do for the town planner to complete the compliance report.

You can always change your mind later regarding any of the details you provide in the design brief, so you’re not locked into anything and you can always make changes later.

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    • What does the compliance package include?

      Three main things are included: concept floor plan, compliance report and preliminary quote. Concept floor plan: A floor plan will be created as per the design brief that will be completed with you over the phone by your client manager. Compliance ...
    • What is a compliance report?

      The Compliance Report is the initial checking process we take you through to ensure that you are able to construct a Tiny Blox home on your land. It checks a wide range of factors that may impact your ability to legally build a Tiny Blox on your ...
    • Can i build a Tiny Blox on my property?

      A compliance report is prepared by our designated town planner to outline the council rules you must adhere to when building your Tiny Blox. The compliance report will include specific details such as: boundary setbacks, plot ratio, height ...
    • How much does a compliance report cost?

      Each Standard Compliance Report will cost you $1299 inc GST. Please note that this is a non-refundable fee.​
    • How do I make payment for the compliance report?

      Payment can be made via credit card or direct deposit. Your Compliance Report fee must be received before work will commence on the report. ​​