What is the difference between concrete slab and steel floor system foundation?

What is the difference between concrete slab and steel floor system foundation?

A concrete slab is the cheaper option of the two, the plumbing and electrical are set in the concrete which makes changes and addition later very impractical. A steel floor system is more expensive, but will allow you make changes and additions to plumbing/electrical whilst also allowing for better ventilationunder the Tiny Blox. A steel floor system is also relocatable, as long as a crane can access and lift it.

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    • What is included in the floor?

      A full subfloor is included with a steel footing system, with yellow tongue and groove and vinyl flooring finish. On concrete slab the floor is Vinyl finish laid directly on the concrete. Bathrooms are to be tiled (not included in Kit but part of the ...
    • Can we reuse the existing concrete slab?

      Yes, but be aware that this require an engineering certificate and is going to be roughly the same cost of demolish and pour a new concrete slab.
    • Does the steel floor system include steps to the entrance?

      The stairs are not included inside the superquote, but stairs will be included in your plans and part of your building approval, and will be included in your licensed builder quote (if choosing licensed builder).
    • What kind of decking is provided for outdoor area?

      For a build on steel footings, the deck is made of steel footings and pine decking above. For builds on concrete slab the deck becomes a concrete patio and no decking will be provided.
    • Why is there a difference between the owner builder and the licensed builder calculated?

      Owner Builder Acting as an Owner Builder means that you are essentially taking on the responsibility of ‘project manager’ for your build, in the same way a Licensed Builder would.  Some of your key responsibilities: Complete your Owner-Builder online ...