How to Organize Notes by Color - LOK 44

How to Organize Notes by Color - LOK 44

Organize Notes By Color
Ever wonder how to keep track of who writes notes in each file, how to make a note
stand out, or view which notes are of utmost importance just by a glance?
Notes can be seen in each file by everyone who has security privileges to do so. Sometimes we may want to have a note
stand out so it is easier to find, or maybe it would be help to assign each individual a specific color so their notes are
easier to identify.


Folder Sections

When you access an individual file, you will have a Notes section at the top of the screen. To add a note, you would either
click the plus sign ‘+’ or click the Add Note button in the far left corner of the Notes section. The Create Note window will
then display and the new note can be created. You have the ability to use color to have a note stand out. You can change
the font color or background color for the text in a note by clicking the background or foreground buttons and selecting a
color. Then begin typing (the color can be changed as needed in the future by selecting text with the mouse and then
selecting a new color).

Create Note Window

You can choose to have a color associated with each individual user so their notes are easily identified. You would always
know your manager’s notes were in Red, for example. You can also choose whether you use the color as a foreground or

Example notes

You can change the color each time you go into notes, but what if you would like to set a color for an individual so they
don’t have to change it each time? You can! Simply open My Settings from the Main Menu.

Folder Menu

Next, expand Text Editor and select Notes

My Settings - Text Editor

With the Notes Settings, you can choose the Font, Font Size, and Color (both background and foreground) that will be

Notes Settings
…then write your notes, in the color of your choice!

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